Dating over 50 massasjejenter oslo

dating over 50 massasjejenter oslo

The goal for the interactive part of the exhibit is to teach people about how music is created and let them have a go at making it themselves. The first installation I did was a GarageBand-like editor that had been dumbed down a lot to make it accessible. I worked on the exhibition centre part and I was hired. When you know how you want it, you press record to do the actual mixing. The resulting covers from this app is played back later in the exhibit on a multi-projector setup where youll see your own cover along with classic Trønderrock-covers. Another fun bit of this installation is that it is placed in a room that is made to look like a hotel room and just above the table, theres a window. In the app, you can select pre-made backgrounds or take a snapshot using a webcam, add graphics and text as well as add effects to all of these. Hit play and you can tweak the eight tracks as you like. The theme is the musical style Trønderrock which was more or less invented in Namsos.

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By putting different colored balls into the holes, you can build your own rythms. So many nice people and fun challenges are rare to come. Rock City Namsos is a brand new cultural building in the city of Namsos. @thomasnesse did this installation and while it was a fairly complex setup, I think he solved it very elegantly and simple thanks to the p2p capabilities in Flash/AIR! dating over 50 massasjejenter oslo dating over 50 massasjejenter oslo

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Tonfall library written by Andre Michelle. The navigation is really cool as well. Once the first badge is scanned, a countdown will display on monitors in front of the stage until a recording starts. Another app I made is CoverDesigneren (the Cover Designer). This is certainly the most fun project Ive done in ages and we could not have done this in such a short amount of time if it wasnt for open source projects like Tonfall and Cocoon. The setup of the exhibition also got more epic thanks to a huge water leak that went straight into our server room the day before opening, but I absolutely loved this project.

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SixSides and my friends at Back to create six of the ten interactive installations. A big desk contains a bunch of holes and a string of LEDs that play along the top. Advanced users can zoom in on the timeline for some minor edits and they can bypass the automatic chords to mix and match as they want. The passes are given out when the user enters the exhibit. If youre ever in that part of Norway - make sure to drop by! I had played around with multitouch quite a bit before, but making this work on a 23 screen for completely novice users was quite a challenge. It simply works super-smooth! The user will go up to a station, scan the card and if they save the result and register, theyll be able to view and share what they created at the exhibit dating over 50 massasjejenter oslo when they come home. Thanks a lot for making this library Andre! When the song is finished, you can view your recording on a big screen in the adjacent room. The people sitting down at this installation can easily just sit there reading for 15 minutes or even more. The window is also a 46 screen and when youre reading an article about Tokyo, the window will change to show a view of Tokyo. The installation uses an AIR-app that controls two webcams that read the color of the balls. Both sides of the table will compete over the view so we needed a simple way for these to tell what image to use. They make the table really easy to use. Theres also a third app in the exhibit that uses Tonfall. Personally I would still use Flash for custom UI like this, but it was fun to see that html is getting there as well for stuff like this. Once in a while there comes along a project where you get to play with loads of fun things. This app called MiksEnMaster was incredibly fun to do! If the user is happy with the mix, well save it to the server so they can show it off when they get home. This one was done by @sunjammer and @deplifer and its a rythm-table! Fingers crossed that Ill get to do more projects like this! The difficulty of the task is of course that no music skills can be required. Theres drums, bass, guitar and accordion (important for proper TrønderRock!) available. You create your own tracks by dragging prefabricated loops onto the timeline. You can jump on the timeline by clicking/dragging the playhead as well, so the app is quite complete.

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