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The four Gladiators that survived to be evacuated to Setnesmoen army base near Åndalsnes were out of operation by the end of 26 April. 6 Significant damage was done to Hipper's starboard side, and Glowworm was destroyed by a close range salvo immediately afterwards. For the Kriegsmarine the campaign led to crippling losses, leaving the Kriegsmarine with a surface force of one heavy cruiser, two light cruisers and four destroyers operational. 5,.,.,. 6772, 8186 Ringdal, Nils Johan (1995). When they arrived at the harbour itself they found five German destroyers and opened fire, starting the First Battle of Narvik. The Germans only broke through the Norwegian lines at Haugsbygd the next day after employing panzers for the first time in Norway. 23 24 Norwegian and Allied edit The Norwegian Armed Forces fielded around 55,000 combatants involved in the fighting, mainly in six infantry divisions. 47 It was called Operation Hammer, and would land Allied troops at Namsos to the north (Mauriceforce Åndalsnes to the south (Sickleforce and around Trondheim itself (Hammerforce).

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38 The Royal Norwegian Navy and Royal Norwegian Air Force were re-established in Britain based on the remnants of forces saved from the Norwegian Campaign. The discovery of the ship's location led the Royal Navy to send one light cruiser and five destroyers patrolling nearby to the area. Hitler's pre-emptive war: The Battle for Norway, 1940. eskort bergen escort service i oslo

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17 Aspheim, Odd Vidar ; Hans Fredrik Dahl (1995). In the following months aircraft from all the belligerents violated Norwegian neutrality. The cruiser Lützow, also damaged in the attack and believing Blücher had entered a minefield, withdrew with Gruppe 5, 19 km (12 mi) south to Sonsbukten where she unloaded her troops. Constant aerial harassment prevented any kind of offensive from taking place though, and on 21 April Mauriceforce was attacked by the German 181st Division from Trondheim. 2 This presented an opportunity to the Allies who, while completely indifferent to Finland, also saw an opportunity to use the pretence of sending troop support to additionally occupy ore fields in Sweden and ports in Norway. 74 75 The successful Norwegian mobilization in the area opened the opportunity for the British landings.

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The members of the cabinet failed to understand that the partial mobilization they had ordered would, according to the regulations in place, be carried out in secret and without public declaration. The German destroyers from the North and West converged on the British Fleet at 06:00, while the British were preparing for the final attack. 62 Krogtoft, Harald; Billy Jacobsen (2009). Only one destroyer received a hit during the landing. 32 Norwegian attempts to mount a counter-attack were half-hearted and effectively came to nothing. 41 The Norwegian authorities were only informed of the decision on 1 June. In response to this, they ordered the 2nd Destroyer Flotilla, mostly consisting of ships previously serving as escort destroyers for Operation Wilfred, to engage. After the fall of Norway, Scotland (especially the fleet bases at Scapa Flow and Rosyth ) were seen as much more vulnerable to a diversionary assault by air- and sea-borne troops. 46 Following the appointment of Ruge the Norwegian attitude became clear, with orders to stop the German advance being issued. Though Orzeł reported the incident to the Admiralty, they were too concerned by the situation with Glowworm and the presumed German breakout to give it much thought and did eskort bergen escort service i oslo not pass the information. 110 111 The German losses at sea were heavy, with the sinking of one of the Kriegsmarine 's two heavy cruisers, two of its six light cruisers, 10 of its 20 destroyers and six U-boats.

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